Small Red Pointer
welcome to..

TrAShy mALl moRE lIKe TrAShy GoTH


𖤐aBoUT mE aNd bLOg eNtRIeS𖤐 𖤐a RaNdoM pLAcE fOr gIFs, lYRicS, pIctuREs AnD bLInkIeS𖤐
𖤐sPiTtiNG mAggOT𖤐 𖤐kOOl kIDs iN tHE 90s aNd 2000S𖤐 𖤐leAVe A CoMmENt!?𖤐

𖤐𖤐(tHiS iS tHE hoMPaGE If yOu cOUlDNt teLl alREadY)𖤐𖤐

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